Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 11


One more week and I'm done with my new missionary training! Except I'm not ready to be done and I already have to train somebody else! That poor girl :/ I don't feel ready at all but I know it's what the Lord wants so it will all work out. I'm staying in Kirtland which I'm excited about but Sister M is going to Ravenna and I'll like never see her :[ Kind of a bummer.. Did you guys get a link to a youtube video?? I'll resend you the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YITiVd3zQg

WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!!!!! We met him 3 Sundays ago. He's finished the Book of Mormon last week. He's so stoked for his baptism and so are we. It will be my first one out here! :] I didn't think it would ever happen but it is! And he was just soooooo golden. So I called a lady a few weeks ago and she asked if I needed anything and I was like ehhh no? And she was like okay well I'll send you some conference ensigns to give to your investigators! So she got my address and I got them! It was so cool! I'm working on sending her a thank you card. Things are so busy it's hard to find time! I meet some really cool people in the call center. Last Friday I went on my first exchange and I was with Sister B. I just love her! It was a really good day too. It was like I was taking over the area (Which I now am..) and we invited our investigator D to be baptized April 7 and he said yes! We're really excited for him. And we found out that 2 of our Less Actives are preparing to go through the temple in a couple of months! Oh that was the coolest part of the day I think. I LOVE working with Less actives! They already know it's true we're just there to help remind them and help them see themselves going to the temple. It's so neat. I can't wait to come back and go to the temple with them :] One of our less actives was working with the missionaries before I got there and had gotten over a lot of her addictions. After I got there she was able to get over all of them and the last thing she was having a hard time with was coffee and tithing which she's keeping both now so she can go!!! The other one drank coffee and tea so that was holding her back but she stopped a week ago and she said she can think a lot clearer and she just feels so much better and the temple hadn't really been a near future goal for her I don't think but it is now! I'm just so happy for both of them :] I love them so much and they're both going to see SO Many miracles from attending the temple.

Oh, so on Valentine's Day we got up and started getting ready for our training meeting (We have them every Tues) and this was going to be a really special on in the School of the Prophets so I went to get dressed for the day and we got a text saying Sister E (Site's Director's wife) had a heart attack at 4 that morning. She was rushed to the hospital and they started doing surgery. They asked us to pray and fast for her and her family that day so we did. We went to training meeting and had a testimony meeting and as one of the sisters was bearing her testimony on how "everything happens for a reason" one of the training sisters gets a call from Elder E and goes into the hall. Then the other training sister starts crying and my heart just sunk and I started crying and oh my gosh. It was horrible. Then they came back in and Sister B was crying and then she said that was Elder E saying she just got out of surgery and she was fine... I have never been so relieved in my life!! It was so scary. She was released from the hospital a few days later and she's doing so well!

One of the senior sisters in fm (Sister M) is teaching us espanol which is so fun! I LOVE HER! She is just so happy all the time and is so proud of us for learning the littlest things in spanish. Shoot, if I would have taken spanish from her in High School I probably wouldn't have failed 2 times.. Not including Jenn's class. I passed that one. We learned how to sing Oracion del profetas or something :/ (Joseph Smith's First Prayer)... I still need it in front of me. But I'm learning! I have my El Libro De Mormon and Mormons Bok :] I don't have time to study either though so I'll probably come home knowing the same amount of Spanish and Swedish as I did coming in. After our Spanish lesson with Sister M we went to this secret place that only she has access to with her, Elder M and Elder C and we went exploring and found some really cool old stuff! I took a lot of pictures I'll have to send in my next package home. I'm planning on sending one next week but I already made picture cds so it will have to wait. It was so neat though I'm going to try to send home something we found there. Hopefully Sister M will let me have it :] I haven't asked yet but I think dad would really like it.. We'll see! That's about it I think. Hope all is well with everybody!

I miss you all sooooo much! Keep writing me :] I love getting letters!

Sister Maynard.

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